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Diaper Folding Instructions

Step 1
Lay the prefold diaper out flat.

Step 2
Fold a small portion of the diaper up in the front to adjust the size.

Step 3
Fold both sides of the prefold to the middle.

Step 4
Unfold the sides at the back of the diaper.

Step 5
Place the diaper under the baby. Bring the front of the diaper up between the baby's legs and bring the "wings" of the diaper to the front. Fasten the diaper using pins or a Snappi.

Here is a picture of an Infant size CPF fastened with a Snappi on a 10 lb baby.
Helpful Tips:
If the wings of the diaper are not long enough to wrap around, you can fan out the front of the diaper a bit.

If using pins, be sure to push the pin through only a few layers of fabric. It is not necessary to push the pin through all the layers.

For newborn babies, fold the diaper down lower in front and fasten it below the belly button, so it doesn't irritate the cord area.

For heavy wetters
You can use two prefolds together for extra absorbancy. You can use two of the same size or, as shown here, use a smaller size prefold, folded in a larger size. Simply lay the second diaper, folded in thirds, on top of the first diaper. Then proceed from Step 2 above. Shown here is an unbleached infant size CPF on a bleached Premium CPF. You can also use a preemie size CPF with an infant size CPF.

Pinless method
Fold the diaper as shown in steps 1 though 3. Lay the prefold on a snug fitting diaper cover. Shown here is an infant size CPF in a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap.

In the Bummis and Bumkins diaper covers there is a flap that you can tuck the diaper under to prevent any wetness from leaking onto the front of babies clothes. It is not necessary, but some people like to do it this way.

Then just place the baby on the diaper/cover and fasten the cover securely.

Side Wall Fold (Jellyroll fold) - This fold is great for holding i runny newborn poop.

Step 1

Lay diaper out flat and fold up one end to adjust the rise. Notice I have folded down the backside in this photo, you can also fold down the front as shown in the basic diaper folding instructions, it is up to you. Lay the baby on the diaper.

Step 2

Holding the center of the edge of the diaper, beginning rolling it up like you would roll up a jellyroll. Usually about two rolls.

Step 3

Roll up the opposite side of the diaper the same way. Hold the rolled edges in one hand as you hold the babies legs with the other. Then pull the diaper up between the babies legs, trying not to let the edges unroll (this may take a bit of practice).

Step 4

Bring the back corners of the diaper around to the front and pull the front of the diaper up tight to ensure a snug fit around the legs. Snappi or pin the diaper to secure it.

Here is a Premium size IPF on my daughter. This shows the rolled edge pretty well. You can see how it makes a better barrier to prevent any leaks.

Then just top it off with the cover of your choice. Be sure to tuck the diaper in around the legs and waist so that the entire diaper is covered by the cover.