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Gift Registry

Our gift registry is powered by MyGiftList.com.  This is a free, private, universal gift registry. Getting started is quick and easy. Click the link below to sign up or find a registrant.

1. Complete your member profile.

2. Create your personal, private gift registry - a list of gifts you would like to receive. You can link to the web site to make online shopping that much easier. You can even specify an occasion or a gift giver. This affords you more control over who views the items on your gift registry.

3. Identify gift givers - friends and family members who purchase gifts from your gift registry. Be sure to include the people you shop for so that they will set up their own gift registry and share their gift wishes with you.

4. Use our handy reminders to help you keep track of important dates and your to-do list.

5. As you surf the web and find items you would like to receive, use the Add to MyGiftList button and automatically enter the information into your gift registry.
Refer to the gift registries of your friends and relatives to make gift shopping easier. Soon, you'll wonder how you ever managed all of the special occasions in your life before using our services. The MyGiftList gift registry helps you give the perfect gift, every time.

To Create a Wishlist

  • Go to an item you would like, and click the link to add it to your Wish List.
  • You will be taken to a Temporary Wish List Page
  • You can continue adding items to your Temporary Wishlist
  • When you are ready to save it to your permanent Wishlist, where is says Save selected items to a NEW Wish List - click the link to Create a New List
  • Check any items in your Temporary Wishlist that you want to save to your new Wishlist.
  • Fill in the box with the name of your Wishlist
  • You will then be taken to a page to create an account for our website (or to login if you already have an account)
  • After you have saved your wishlist, you may view, rename, delete, edit, and email wish lists by going to the Search a Wishlist Link (on the left side of the homepage) and Clicking on My Saved Wishlists. Other features include the ability to create blank wish lists to add items to in the future, and also sharing saved wish lists to be viewable by others under the public wish lists tab.

To Purchase from a Wishlist

  • In the My Saved Wishlists Area - Click the box under Shared to make your Wishlist viewable by the public.
  • Then you can just tell your friends and relatives to go to the Wishlist link at the top (or left hand side of the homepage) and click the View Public Wishlists link.
  • This will bring up a search box where they can enter your name to pull up your Wishlist and purchase from it.

*Please note the Wishlist feature does not remove items from your wishlist once they have been purchased like an actual Gift Registry does. It may be best to use the Wishlist for your own personal use, but if you are needing a Registry for a Baby Shower you may want to sign up for the Gift Registry above.