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One Size Hemp Inserts by Green Acre Designs

Item #: GAD100
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Price: $5.95

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    Green Acre Designs One Size Inserts are made from Hemp French Terry and Organic Cotton. When used as small inserts they measure 5.5 x 11 inches (unwashed) with about a 9 inch flap that you can position in the center for girls or up front for boys for 6 layers of absorbency. They can also be used as a one size insert in medium, large or one size diapers, if the flaps are to the outside. When the flaps are out, the insert is 16 inches long (unwashed) and 4 layers.

    Hemp makes for a very trim fitting diaper. Many pocket diapers now come with a microfiber insert. One insert is often not absorbent enough for heavy wetters or for overnight use. A hemp insert used along with a microfiber insert makes for a super absorbent, yet still relatively trim fitting diaper. The loop design of these inserts also allows them to dry just as quickly as your microfiber inserts.

    Hemp is very environmentally friendly. Pesticides are not needed in the farming of hemp. Hemp fibers are longer, stronger, more absorbent, and more mildew-resistant than cotton.

    GAD Hemp Inserts are made in the USA by WAHMs.